Tourism’s Restricted @ Valparai

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After the outbreak of second wave of COVID-19 the tourism to Valparai is completely prohibited for a while.


The people are requested to render their co-operation with the Government. Community Spread of nCov-19 is still out of Valparai area by the Continuous efforts of the Central, State governments and particularly Valparai Municipality and Health Department of Valparai GH and PHC. congratulates the great efforts taken by Valparai Municipality and Health Department to keep Valparai safe and
wishes the best for their Success to keep the pandemic out of Valparai.


Tourism is now Closed again at Valparai With all the Strict Protocols Issued by the Government

Health Department and Valparai Municipality

Health Department and Valparai Municipality were spraying disinfectants at all the public places and to Government Buses till lock-down was ordered.

Since last night (24-03-2020) as a complete Lock-Down is implemented throughout India by the Prime Minister none are on the streets except the essential service providers like the Health Department officials and staff, the Police Department and Volunteers who are giving awareness to the public and sending them back home. The Health Department and Municipality is still spraying disinfectants throughout Valparai. Complete screening is done in all Check posts. Health Department is continuously monitoring the people in quarantine too. Grocery shops, meat stalls and medical shops are open for the public. In all the essential stores including ration shop partitions are made to avoid any contagious disease to spread.

Thasildhar and his Team

Under the instruction of District Collector and Thasildar of Valparai Taluk the Revenue department is Monitoring all the activities throughout Valparai. Thasildhar and his team is responding to all the requests of the People. They ensure that all activities are under Jurisdiction and in accordance to the instructions and orders issued by both Central and State Government.

Great Effort of Police Department

To ensure a complete lock-down Valparai Police Department is using an awesome strategy. Entire town is continuously monitored by the Police Department via many surveillance cameras fixed throughout the town. In case people’s movement is observed in any area immediately cops are sent to the particular place.

People Please do Cooperate with the Government to Protect You
Wear Mask

Use Sanitizers
Stay Safe
Live Long
Spraying disinfectant in public places

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