Tourism’s back @ Valparai

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As per the government Tourists visiting Valparai must be either completely Vaccinated or must have COVID negative certificate which is tested within 24 hours.


The people are requested to render their co-operation with the Government. Community Spread of nCov-19 is still out of Valparai area by the Continuous efforts of the Central, State governments and particularly Valparai Municipality and Health Department of Valparai GH and PHC. congratulates the great efforts taken by Valparai Municipality and Health Department to keep Valparai safe and
wishes the best for their Success to keep the pandemic out of Valparai.


People Please do Cooperate with the Government to Protect You
Wear Mask

Use Sanitizers
Stay Safe
Live Long
Spraying disinfectant in public places

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18 Responses

  1. Sir,
    Now valparai- Athirapalli route is open

  2. Ariharasuthan

    Is Valparai open for tourists now?

  3. Krishnaswamy

    Is valparai open for tourist now ?

    • Now it is open with certain restrictions

      Tourists must either completely vaccinated or must possess COVID NEGATIVE CERTIFICATE tested within the last 24 hours

  4. Is valparai open for tourist now?

  5. Balamurugan

    Is rapid test is enough or RT- PCR test is required?

  6. September 2021 they are allowing

  7. is all the Covid negative certificates are allowed ? or only RTPCR certificate is required to travel ?

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