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We offer a variety of. accommodations for a Double occupancy. Bookings. range from Rs. 500 to Rs. 8000 (INR) such as. Hotels,.Bungalows and Bed & Breakfast.Home Stays. Minimum of 2 nights and 3 days are required to visit. and enjoy Nature.

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Valparai Cottages

Valparai cottages are situated in Valparai Town and forest areas.  Valparai is a small hill town which is just 2 km in length. All approved cottages are located in Town. Bungalows are located in the green tea fields that merge with the lush green forests. Cottage are located in the residential area, with a view of fields and River etc.

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Boungalow Valparai boookings

The British built bungalows living areas to be very spacious so as to accommodate family leisure. Fireplaces and hearths were installed to bring cozy warmth. The furniture here are of the colonial era Which gives comfort. Huge windows line the walls to bring in the desired light.

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Valparai Hotels Bookings
Hotels is offering Best Hotel Rates. Budget and star Hotels’ Online Booking, Hotels, Bungalows, Resorts, Bed and Breakfast homestays. The best cottages are with scenic landscape views. Valparai is one of the most sought tourist destination in South India.

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 We recommend to have Eco-tourism which never pollute the Nature

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