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Heavy Rains with Heavy Winds in Valparai For past 4 days


It is raining heavily since Wednesday in Valparai lots of trees have fell down and dams depth are increasing and normal life is extremely damaged and the power is shut off,

Valparai Climate is always an exciting and pleasant one. Rain started at Valparai from the first week of June with the onset of Southwest Monsoon. Now Valparai climate is Rainy and Chill. The tea fields have become lush green and the workers are happy to get enough harvests. At the same time due to heavy rains sometime soil on the roadside of Valparai Pollachi hill route are getting eroded on a small scale. Usually for the past few days the weather is like morning there is sunshine but after noon the rain begins to roar.

Sholayar Dam’s water level has started to increasing gradually and it is expected that if the rain continues the Dam will be filled this year. Forests, after withstanding a dry summer have turned to their original look. The canopy of the trees are very thick so that sunlight cannot enter into. The wild elephants are frequently visiting the residential areas in remote places like Karamalai, Iyerpadi, Paralai, etc….Tourists even with Rain they come on and enjoy the beauty of Valparai…


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  1. Even if its raining in the evenings the climate is pleasant

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