Valparai Economy

The Valparai economy depends on the Valparai Tea and Coffee Plantation Estates. Most of the people living here work in these estates.

Wild Elephants at Grass Hills

Valparai is officially not declared as a hill station. Valparai is located above the 3,500 feet from the sea level on the Anamalai mountain range. With 40 tea estates surrounding the town and nearly 35,000 workers working there. Valparai economy is heavily dependent on the well being of the tea industry.

Workers Migration

Valparai economy

While the increase in animal attacks and the threat of the region of Valparai. The wage limit of the Plantation labourers, and also younger generations are not interested in agriculture are the  main causes.

Valparai is full of tea estates and a vast majority of our residents are estate workers or their progeny. Even now, an estate worker earns anywhere between Rs 145 and Rs 160 for a full day’s work while their contemporaries in the plains earn anywhere between Rs. 300 and Rs. 500 even doing construction work.

This wage difference between estate labour and other work is the main driving force behind the migrations. Also, most youngsters here are now educated and do no prefer estate labour. Instead, they find jobs and settle down in the plains causing the decline in population at Valparai. This in turn is having its impact on the town’s economy.


Valparai is declared as  Less Known Tourist Place (Tn. G.O.Ms.No.155 – 27.9.2007),  Apart form the tea industry, We people are trying to promot tourism in the 7th Heaven VALPARAI.

Valparai Economy