Valparai Travel Tips

Plan your sightseeing itinerary in consultation with the local tourist office or a government approved guide. Carry clothes that suit the weather conditions. Various types of food items are generally available at Valparai.  Always carry bottled mineral drinking water.

Eat a heavy breakfast in the morning and then go for sightseeing and long walks. I would suggest light refreshments in the afternoon and a heavy dinner in the evening. If you really want to enjoy the hill stations, take long walks through the  plantation and forest roads ( close to the nature as possible).

Some specific points from where you can have lovely views of sunrise and sunset.  The air is extremely pure at such places particularly in the morning hours. So, some breathing exercises at this time shall be of immense help to your health. Also mingle with the local people and try to observe their normal life and their social customs. You will find the people of Valparai to be very simple and straight forward.

Pure Tea, Coffee and Spices are available in the shops here.  A word of CAUTION!! Do not move around during late night hours as the threat of wild animals is very high even inside Valparai town and in the plantation areas.

Valparai offers a variety of accommodation facilities for a Double occupancy ranging from  Rs. 500 to Rs. 8000 (INR) such as Hotels, Bungalows and Bed & Breakfast Home Stays. Minimum 2 nights and 3 days are required to visit and enjoy Valparai and its surrounding places.


There is one bus every 30-45 min to Valparai from Pollachi Bus stand up to 10 pm, but the ideal mode of transportation to this beautiful hill town is hiring a cab. This gives you the flexibility to stop at sightseeing places and other picturesque spots on the way up Valparai to take photographs and enjoy the beauty.

Small Plan
Topslip (Safari-Elephant Ride)
Parambikulam (Safari)
Aliyar (foot hills of Valparai)
Stay at Valparai
Valparai Local Sight seeing
Stay at Valparai
Athirapilly Falls
Drop at Chalakudi / Pollachi / Coimbatore

- Joshua S.






Hornbill castle

A warm welcome awaits you at the Hornbill Castle Bed & Breakfast, a delightful establishment set right in the outer of the picturesque small hill town of Valparai. .